A: As long as the items you are sending is not danger, for example: chemical, firework, danger goods, guns etc, weight under 30 lbs, we can deliver it! For more detail please check User Agreementsection I
A: Yes and no, the discount we can offer to you is depends on how many shipments you have for us daily or monthly. The more you ship,
the more discount you can get!
A: Of course, if you ships a lot, definitely we can offer you a discount as a royal customer.
A: Please contact our customer service to file a claim.
A: Yes, please give us at least two hours delivery time window.
A:Yes, Our delivery vans are all equipped reefer.
A:The cutoff time for same-day pick up is 12:00 pm.
A: Food delivery is very time sensitive, which we are not focusing right now, thus we can’t provide our customers a good delivery experience.